Three out of four companies in the Fortune 1000 have been replaced in the past 10 years alone. The reality is that organizations who are unwilling to adapt, listen, and think differently will not survive. Yet, learning how to be creative and innovative is tough. How do you motivate your team to think differently? How do you help them take risks? It all starts with cultivating your best asset, your people.

These questions will help you reflect as you build a workplace that empowers your team to be creative.

“Are you creative?” is a trick question. We are ALL creative – in different ways. Research since the 1950s has found that everyone is naturally wired to be creative. As we grow up, we just lose the imaginative, playful side of us. Our innate creativity means so much more than painting a masterpiece or designing a product.

Creativity is a way of thinking, living, and processing differently. It helps you become a better problem solver, collaborator, and generator of ideas. This worksheet helps you tap back into your own creativity. We know it’s there, we’re just helping you find it.

As you ask yourself these questions, feel free to draw, doodle, or write your answers.

Doing anything new is risky and scary. Even when you take a calculated risk and have a plan, rejection and failure can be inevitable. How do you pick up the pieces and move on when something goes wrong?

If we do not know how to move on from failure and rejection, we are letting our pasts prevent us from taking risks and becoming our best creative selves. We know recovering takes time and trying something new takes creative courage. This worksheet provides guided questions for you to reflect on past rejection and failure and to help build your own creative courage.

Facilitating a thoughtful and effective meeting is more than bringing the greatest minds into one room. Even when everyone is together, your meetings can sometimes feel unproductive. Professionals and leaders spend hours in meetings every day with little progress and high stress.

How will you ensure your next meeting, whether it is a brainstorming session, weekly team meeting, or team building session, is effective? In this worksheet, we provide you with questions to consider to run a more productive and creative meeting.