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Reimagine what is possible

By changing the status quo at the level where it matters the most: your mindset.

Why Creativity Matters

Companies are being replaced, employee retention remains a concern, managing cross-generational teams poses new challenges. Those who fail to remain relevant will find themselves left behind.

of professionals worldwide feel stuck & disengaged at work (Gallup) 0
of Americans feel stressed due to work (APA) 0
of 1,500 CEOs said creativity is the most important quality (IBM) 0

Is Your Workplace Missing Creativity?

Navigating creativity in the workplace can be tricky. Meetings may be full of uncertainty. There may be an unspoken culture that deters your managers or your employees from trying new things. Your employees may be receiving mixed signals. An open office space, unlimited vacation time, or ping pong tables do not magically build a creative and innovative workplace.

Your people, culture, and environment do.

We should get to know each other if you struggle with:

Encouraging your team to generate new ideas on their own

Building new teams after a major transition or merger & acquisition

Motivating your team to be comfortable with uncertainty

Finding the time to be creative while getting your work done

Promoting your culture that encourages your people to take risks

Running a thoughtful and productive meeting

The Results

As a result of our workshops, participants have learned how to engage better, be less stressed, and more confident with creativity.

gained confidence to be creative at work and life 0
learned how to manage and reduce stress better 0
of teams saw an increase in collaboration, and trust building 0

What can you do about it?

Meet your creativity gym. From team development to company transitions, you need to apply new thinking to your complex challenges. Explore the right solutions for you.


Why they loved it

A fantastic way to accelerate the learning

Monica served as Lead Facilitator for our Innovation Slam Competition at the 2018 YSEALI Summit in Singapore. It was a fantastic way to accelerate the learning of young change-makers and the development of collaborative social enterprises across ASEAN.

Davey M. Kim Asia Foundation

Brilliant and selfless connector. Truly a gem!

I was challenged every time I attended Monica's workshops to reflect on a new level. As a testament to her services and ability to inspire, I invited her to present to some of our consultants at IBM and am thrilled to say I recommend her without reservation.

Kushaan Shah IBM

So many thought-provoking questions the group can use

Monica and her team came to our event well-prepared and organized. Her presentation posed several thought-provoking questions that the group can use to improve their everyday lives. It was a pleasure working with them!

Charu Krishnan U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Set the forward-thinking, fun and challenging tone for the conference

As the Opening Keynote speaker for the Power Conference, Monica Kang brought her A game. She delivered an outstanding keynote on Creativity that set the forward-thinking, fun and challenging tone for the rest of the conference.

Nancy P. Regelin The Power Conference

Activities designed to encourage creativity in the workplace

Johns Hopkins University SAIS was absolutely thrilled with the opportunity to experience a full afternoon of fun, engaging, and thought-provoking activities that are designed to encourage creativity in the workplace. I personally highly recommend InnovatorsBox.

Tanya McMillian Johns Hopkins University (SAIS)

Made every minute of 24-hour event count

GW was fortunate to have Monica lead the facilitation for the 2017 DC Climathon. She brought a fresh perspective and energy, helped a room full of innovators share their ideas, form teams, pitch solutions, and made every minute of the event count.

IB _Client Logos | GWU Climathon
Meghan Chapple George Washington University

A tremendous amount of positive feedback!

Monica Kang's training on the creative and novel mindset was excellent! Our organization received a tremendous amount of positive feedback such as, "That event was life-changing!" Thank you, Monica.

Jabbar Wesley Novel City Chamber of Innovation

The world is in desperate need of what they offer

Monica and the InnovatorsBox team did a fantastic job making creativity something tangible. Their exercises got the group to bond together quickly, to come up with dozens of new ideas, and helped us re-examine what we could be capable of.

IB _Client Logos | Facebook
Adam L. Hesch Facebook

Monica has introduced a new way of working

Through the workshops, we got to explore what creativity means in a business and how to apply new thinking to tired problems - a practice essential in bringing change and embracing creativity as a fundamental discipline for innovation.

IB _Client Logos | Booz Allen Hamilton
Kristen Dalton Booz Allen Hamilton

Unlock Your Creativity.