Great question. We hear you. Even with the best of intentions, investing in creativity can; feel hard. While research and even your own experience confirms how important it is, there are still a lot of questions about how to make sense of it.

We are proud of the relationships we’ve built with our clients. Not only do they work with us again and again, but they refer us to their colleagues who also want to harness the power of creativity in the workplace.

We understand while the HOW feels unclear, BUILDING a workplace that is inclusive, creative, curious and encouraging for all is a top priority for you.

This is why, companies like yours and leaders like you have been coming to InnovatorsBox since 2016.

We help you build a culture, team, program, and leadership that is creative, inclusive and encouraging. We also help you upskill and resikill your creative problem solving skills by making creativity an accessible and fun skill to learn. Like physical training, see us as your Creativity Gym that creates interactive programs and tools to help you build your creative muscles. Our focus on consistency over intensity permits you to develop creativity as a lifelong skill instead of a flashy one-time event. Through practice and accountability, we love helping you strengthen your resilience, agility, mindfulness, courage, curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity to be more courageous facing any change, crisis, and complexity in work and life.
As a result of our engagement, organizations that y previously faced talent retention challenges, team or organizational culture challenges, or painful adjustments such as restructuring or mergers and acquisitions began to forge new paths forward.  By encouraging diversity, renewing trust, encouraging innovation and developing and nurturing culture from leadership to employees, we created company-wide transformation.  We have helped:
  • Companies create happy workplace cultures built on psychological safety, purpose, and productivity 
  • Companies build leadership programs and initiatives that address leadership silos and  gaps and mistrust among team members,
  • Teams build trust and clarity in their innovation strategy, and ask questions fearlessly  and
  • Leaders build creative confidence and rethink how they empower and communicate with their teams
We are your innovation partner who helps you reach your unique WHY by working with you — in the boardroom and in the trenches — to determine, design, and implement a HOW that is strategic, holistic, effective, and human centric for you and your company’s growth. We work with companies, leaders and teams who are committed to change and are not afraid to dive deeper to identify and address the roots — and not just the symptoms — of stuckness and pain.
Whether you engage with us through a keynote speaking engagement or a customized year-long company-wide culture and leadership change management program, we center our work on people and research. We speak with you and your people to understand where you are and where you want to go before we design programs with you in mind.  If you are looking for a quick plug and play  “solution”, we are likely not the right partner for you. We firmly believe that changing the way we work and think is not a “quick solution” —  just like learning a new language, losing weight, or changing habits are not overnight journeys.
We look forward to continuing our work to help more companies foster workplaces that are inclusive, creative, encouraging and energizing for all. While you read some of the testimonials about our past work in diverse sectors, we’d love to remind you why high-touch service and development work in creativity and culture development is key. No matter where we work, as humans we all want the same things: We want to be understood and appreciated for our opinions and voices as who we are. We want to be able to grow and be encouraged to challenge ourselves. We want to know that even if we fail or make a mistake we will be forgiven and supported. Knowing that someone has our back is a powerful feeling. We want to be encouraged to express our ideas and ourselves at every level.

So, we hear you. Your time is precious, and your people are important. We’d love to be your innovation partner to help manifest growth by helping you invest strategically in what matters most.

Since 2016, we have worked with:

JFF Labs
Comcast/NBC Universal
Charter Communications
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
Wells Fargo
Booz Allen Hamilton
Bristol Myers Squibb
ACE NextGen
JFF Labs
Asia Foundation
International Monetary Fund
World Bank
Nonprofit HR
CEED Global
Johns Hopkins University
Georgetown University
George Washington University
Butler University
Hanyang University
Draper University
University of Maryland
Georgia Tech University


United States Department of Energy
State Department Federal Credit Union
United States Forces Korea

Homed In DC.
Making Global Impact.

These are all the places where we’ve made an impact since 2016, and we look forward to going many more places in the future!