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Through creative educational workshops, consulting, facilitation, and tools, we help all professionals hone their creativity to solve problems in the face of change and complexity.

why innovatorsbox exists

The journey of InnovatorsBox® began while I was in my dream career, yet I felt utterly stuck. The lack of creativity in nuclear non-proliferation had made me risk-averse. I couldn’t remember the last time I created something on my own simply because I wanted to.

It wasn’t until I integrated creativity into my daily routine that things started to transform. My productivity skyrocketed. I got promoted. My insights and perspectives changed. I started thinking differently and began sharing fresh outlooks with top clients. And on a personal level, I was less stressed, more confident, and eager to attack what life threw at me

When I realized that 87% of all professionals do not feel very creative, and that I was not alone in feeling this way, I decided to gather my diverse expertise to create a space for everyone to rediscover their creativity. That’s what led me to start InnovatorsBox®. 


Be Boldly Curious

Ask questions. Listen to understand. Explore different approaches. Dare to try something new—even when it’s familiar or risky. We enjoy being courageously curious to understand, to learn, and to find fulfillment.

Think Globally. Act Impactfully

How are we contributing meaningfully and long-term? We think about the global social impact of our work in order to be intentional in everything we do, every day.

Be a Proactive Catalyst

Lead the positive change we envision by actively listening, proactively problem solving, and being human-centered. We go out of our way to anticipate, and support, our clients’ needs.

Celebrate Diverse Voices

Honor and celebrate everyone's unique voice and strengths. We create workplaces where everyone feels safe, appreciated, and encouraged to be, and share, their true selves.


Deliver quality, impactful results that stem from passion and commitment. We approach everything we do with heart—keeping humanity and sustainability in mind. We bring contagious energy to our work that thrives on creativity and courage.


Monica H. Kang

Creator. Speaker. Creative Educator. Author.

Monica is a passionate educator, speaker, community builder, and an author of Rethink Creativity. Driven by her own all too common experiences of feeling stuck and uncreative at work, she’s determined to change the status quo of the modern workforce.

She is driven by the belief that everyone is innately creative and that creativity can be used to catalyze personal and professional change. As the Founder and CEO of InnovatorsBox®, her deepest satisfaction comes from seeing individuals realize their full potential and talents through creativity.


OUR strategic advisors

Corey Ponder

Tech Public Policy / Educator
(Washington, D.C.)

Elena Pak

Philanthropist / Nonprofit Development

Alana Karen

Women in Tech
(San Francisco, CA)

Ken Woosuk Choi

(South Korea)

Terri B. Williams

Social Impact Strategist
(Austin, TX)

Pierre Vigilance

Public Health / Education
(Philadelphia, PA)

Cyndi Burnett

Creativity & Education
(Buffalo, NY)

Meet Our Creative Companions

Meet some of the companions on our journey to unlock creativity for all! We all have an innate abundance of curiosity, courage and creativity which never goes away; instead, we lose touch and fall out of practice. It’s like having old friends we haven’t connected with in awhile.
This is why InnovatorsBox has created a creativity cast of characters to help you reconnect with your true self, unleash your imagination, and paint more possibilities each day into your life. Whether you are seeking inspiration for your professional journey or your personal one, we hope that these characters remind you that everything is always within reach.


Meet The Dream Team Behind the Scene: Introduction

From August to December 2021, we’re opening the curtains for you to see the “IB Backstage” and meet us behind the scenes.

Thank you for being part of this journey with us and we look forward to sharing many more years of learning and growing as innovators together! 

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