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Impact Report 2018
Trust was the key theme that emerged in our 70+ engagements and 28 trips in 2018. Growing a creative culture and team is possible when trust is built. In our second report, we reflect with gratitude on the journey we took with our clients and customers but also the trends we found in the past three years.
Here is to more courageous creativity.
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Designed To Catalyze Innovation And Creativity

Stop limiting yourself or your team.
Thrive as a disruptor that makes a positive impact.

In rapidly changing times, the reality is that organizations who are unwilling to adapt, listen, and think differently will not survive. Being creative and innovative is crucial to staying relevant. InnovatorsBox workshops are designed to catalyze innovation and creativity in your organization to solve complex workplace problems.

Who is it for?

Our workshops are the best fit for your organization when you’re:

Changing workplace culture and/or strengthening team alignment during M&A or major organizational shifts.

Motivating your organization to move beyond the status quo of your industry and stay relevant in the future of work.

Stimulating organizational creativity and innovation to grow your company and the bottom line.

Developing the creative leaders your organization needs to adapt to change, stay competitive, and improve business performance.

What is the impact?

InnovatorsBox workshops will:

Effectively leverage your team’s diverse working styles, communication preferences, and creative skills in the workplace.

Equip you and your team with tangible tools to lead meetings and projects with creativity and innovation

Build a culture of ideation among your teams.

Maximize employee engagement, productivity, and happiness at work.

Build a stronger, more cohesive team through creative relationship-building.

What will you get?

Each engagement is unique and customized to the client’s needs!
But no matter what, an InnovatorsBox experience usually includes:

On-site workshop(s) led by InnovatorsBox trained staff.

In-depth consultation calls before and after your engagement.

Customized worksheets and surveys for participants.

InnovatorsBox products to support long-term creative thinking.

Creative prompts and materials to use during the workshop.

Summary report on creative insights, gaps, and opportunities.

A fantastic way to accelerate the learning

Monica served as Lead Facilitator for our Innovation Slam Competition at the 2018 YSEALI Summit in Singapore. It was a fantastic way to accelerate the learning of young change-makers and the development of collaborative social enterprises across ASEAN.

Davey M. Kim Asia Foundation

Brilliant and selfless connector. Truly a gem!

I was challenged every time I attended Monica's workshops to reflect on a new level. As a testament to her services and ability to inspire, I invited her to present to some of our consultants at IBM and am thrilled to say I recommend her without reservation.

Kushaan Shah IBM

So many thought-provoking questions the group can use

Monica and her team came to our event well-prepared and organized. Her presentation posed several thought-provoking questions that the group can use to improve their everyday lives. It was a pleasure working with them!

Charu Krishnan U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

What are the programs?

Program FeaturesImmersive ProgramMindful Play
Core Modules
Program FeaturesImmersive ProgramMindful Play
Sessions A series of 3-4 two-hour workshops throughout the year
One 2-hour to 4-hour workshop
Participants Up to 30 individuals per session
Up to 45 individuals per session
Length 8-12 months
2-4 months
Products SPARK, ReImagine, Infinity, and oftentimes Rethink Creativity SPARK, ReImagine notebooks, and oftentimes other products
Core Modules Creative Confidence, Creative Resilience, and Sustaining Innovation Creative Confidence and Creative Resilience

What are the programs?

Type: Immersive Program

Sessions: A series of 3-4 two-hour workshops throughout the year

Participants: Up to 30 individuals per session

Length: 8-12 months

Products: SPARK, ReImagine, Infinity, and oftentimes Rethink Creativity

Core Modules: Creative Confidence, Creative Resilience, and Sustaining Innovation

As part of the Immersive Program, there are three core learning modules. Each module includes immersive exercises, discussions, and creative tools to solve real challenges. The Immersive Program helps your organization develop skills for gradual creative habit-building for the greatest possible impact.  

Type: Mindful Play

Sessions: One 2-hour to 4-hour workshop

No. of Participants: Up to 45 individuals per session

Length: 2-4 months

Products: SPARK, ReImagine notebooks, and oftentimes other products

Core Modules: Creative Confidence and Creative Resilience

Mindful Play is an introduction to creativity. Participants learn what creativity is, what it means to them, and how to start unlocking their own creative mindset. They receive and learn how to use InnovatorsBox products as tools to continue their creative journeys after the workshop. 

How does the engagement process and timeline look like?

While certain steps of the engagement process can happen faster and slower depending on clients needs, here is a typical engagement cycle of a workshop or a series of workshops:

Introduction ↴

  • Contract and NDA signed.
  • Pre-consultation and program customization begins.


Preparation ↴

  • Consultation continues.
  • Pre-Survey.


Onsite ↴

  • Travel. Workshop.
  • On-site debrief. Travel.


Wrap Up ↴

  • Send final summary report.
  • Debrief and wrap up consultation on execution.

When should we reach out?

The sooner the better! We like to spend time preparing and getting to know your organization and your goals to create the best possible workshop. We also tend to be booked a few months out, so the sooner you reach out the more likely we are to accommodate your preferred dates.