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Designed To Catalyze Innovation And Creativity
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Stop limiting yourself or your team.
Thrive as a disruptor that makes a positive impact.

To thrive in a rapidly changing world, you need a workplace culture that fosters innovation and trust.Our workshops focus on building trust, having fun, and psychological safety in order to help our clients make that shift from risk-aversion to courageous problem solving. Through interactive, thought-provoking sessions we help you catalyze innovation and prepare for the future of work.

Our Popular Workshops

Our virtual workshops can be held quarterly, annually, or one-time. Here are just some of the ways our clients like to work with us:

Creativity and Innovation

Courageous Culture

Diversity and Inclusion

Creative Leadership Mindset

Session Outcomes:



Annual Strategy Sessions

Community Development

Leadership Development

Creative Strategic Retreats

Why Are We Unique?

We provide thoughtful, relevant programs that transform participants through introspection and leave them energized, open-minded, and empowered. Humans learn best when we have fun and engage in “learning by doing” so we design our programs with a focus on:

Inclusive, safe spaces for all to interact and be heard

Co-creation opportunities to make participants active contributors

Strategies to connect learning outcomes to our clients’ priorities and goals

Actionable outcomes that empower participants to confidently take action

What will you get?

Each engagement is unique and customized to the client’s needs!
But no matter what, an InnovatorsBox experience usually includes:

On-site workshop(s) led by InnovatorsBox trained staff.

In-depth consultation calls before and after your engagement.

Customized worksheets and surveys for participants.

InnovatorsBox products to support long-term creative thinking.

Creative prompts and materials to use during the workshop.

Summary report on creative insights, gaps, and opportunities.

Brilliant and selfless connector. Truly a gem!

I was challenged every time I attended Monica's workshops to reflect on a new level. As a testament to her services and ability to inspire, I invited her to present to some of our consultants at IBM and am thrilled to say I recommend her without reservation.

Kushaan Shah IBM

Intentionally aimed to draw out the passion and creativity

Monica and her team put together an invaluable experience intentionally aimed to draw out the passion and creativity in the participants. I had a great time sharing creative moments with change makers who are dynamic, supportive, and compassionate.

Kristina Francis Esteem Logic

Highly interactive experience that I encourage any group

I took away practical knowledge that went beyond simply saying “creativity is great”. This workshop showed me that anyone can find a space for creativity in their daily routine. It’s a highly interactive experience that I encourage any group to explore.

IB _Client Logos | Facebook
Corey Ponder Facebook

What are the programs?

Program Features Immersive Program Mindful Play
About Build sustainable creative work culture that focuses on collaboration, open-mindedness, and inclusion through our immersive program.
Learn what creativity is, what it really means to you and your team, and how to start unlocking their own creative mindset.
Great for A department or a group of leaders that wants to deepen their creative leadership skills over the years.
A team that wants to strengthen collaboration and problem solving with creativity and productivity.
Sessions A series of 3-4 two-hour workshops
One 2-hour to 4-hour workshop
Participants Up to 30 individuals per session
Up to 45 individuals per session
Length 8-12 months or more
2-4 months
Products SPARK, ReImagine, Infinity, and oftentimes Rethink Creativity SPARK, ReImagine notebooks, and/or other products
Core Modules Creative Confidence, Creative Resilience, and Sustaining Innovation Creative Confidence and Creative Resilience

Type: Immersive Program

Sessions: A series of 3-4 two-hour workshops throughout the year

Participants: Up to 30 individuals per session

Length: 8-12 months

Products: SPARK, ReImagine, Infinity, and oftentimes Rethink Creativity

Core Modules: Creative Confidence, Creative Resilience, and Sustaining Innovation

As part of the Immersive Program, there are three core learning modules. Each module includes immersive exercises, discussions, and creative tools to solve real challenges. The Immersive Program helps your organization develop skills for gradual creative habit-building for the greatest possible impact.  

Type: Mindful Play

Sessions: One 2-hour to 4-hour workshop

No. of Participants: Up to 45 individuals per session

Length: 2-4 months

Products: SPARK, ReImagine notebooks, and oftentimes other products

Core Modules: Creative Confidence and Creative Resilience

Mindful Play is an introduction to creativity. Participants learn what creativity is, what it means to them, and how to start unlocking their own creative mindset. They receive and learn how to use InnovatorsBox products as tools to continue their creative journeys after the workshop. 

How does the engagement process and timeline look like?

While certain steps of the engagement process can happen faster and slower depending on clients needs, here is a typical engagement cycle of a workshop or a series of workshops:

Introduction ↴

  • Contract and NDA signed.
  • Pre-consultation and program customization begins.


Preparation ↴

  • Consultation continues.
  • Pre-Survey.


Onsite ↴

  • Travel. Workshop.
  • On-site debrief. Travel.


Wrap Up ↴

  • Send final summary report.
  • Debrief and wrap up consultation on execution.

Past Project Examples

Client: Fortune 50 | Financial Company

Annual Innovation Retreat

InnovatorsBox created and led a half-day creativity team-building workshop for 15 senior executives in global finance security and procurement. The goal was to ignite new thinking and team-building in preparation for the new year. We came in as a strategic thinker, facilitator, and an experience-curator to help our client leverage the retreat to create a deeper bond among colleagues who had worked together for 20+ years. Through strategic play exercises they found new ideas, clarity, and connectivity to tie their priorities into their global strategies.

Client: Fortune 500 | Mortgage Corporation

Annual Innovation Summit

InnovatorsBox created and led a full-day Annual Inclusion Summit for more than 150 employees and executives leading diversity and inclusion to ignite new thinking, collaboration, team-building, and new strategy. We served as the program creator, facilitator, and project manager to streamline the Summit operations and content creation. We helped participants connect in a meaningful way and also have tough conversations in order to expand Inclusion and Diversity across the company more deeply as a community.

Client: Fortune 50 | Food and Beverage

Innovation Strategy Workshop & Facilitation

InnovatorsBox created and facilitated a 2-day Innovation Strategy Workshop for 50 senior executives in global procurement. The focus was to rethink productivity, define annual strategy goals, and build innovation as a team. With a mix of innovation workshops and ideation facilitation we catalyzed openness to encourage different thinking. As experts with 20 years of experience in the industry, they felt like they had seen and done everything and were struggling to generate new ideas to strengthen productivity and innovation goals. Through our engagement we helped them reframe, have fun, and build relationships.

Client: Fortune 100 | Entertainment/Cable Company

Inaugural Alumni Summit for a National Accelerator Program

InnovatorsBox created and led a half-day Innovation Leadership Summit for 30 employees and entrepreneurs to rethink innovation, creativity, and collaboration within the entertainment industry. Building trust and vulnerability in a room of strangers and potential competitors was a key angle we focused on to foster psychological safety. Many participants left building new trust insights, and partnerships while rethinking collaboration and innovation.

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