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InnovatorsBox Founder & CEO, Monica Kang, brings an immersive and thought-provoking experience to audiences ranging from intimate groups to large global conferences through interactive exercises and discussions. Monica’s approach to delivering engaging experiences that push the envelope of traditional talks will leave your audience inspired, empowered, and motivated.

Monica is a true thought leader in the creativity and innovation space. I have had the pleasure of booking her for two different keynote sessions at conferences in Indianapolis and most recently having her lead an online workshop for an organization near Chicago. The lessons and tools for creativity that she shares are all well-researched and very approachable. In her talks, workshops and book, Monica argues that creativity is something all of us are capable of incorporating into our work. Her work not only proves this, but also provides the tools and guidance on how to do so. Monica is also one of the nicest people to work with and a really good listener. I always enjoy our conversations.

Jason Williams

Executive Director, Centric, Inc.

I met Monica at the Chosun Asian Leadership Conference 3 years ago. She was one of the key speakers for the innovation and entrepreneurship track. Her presentations made the audience sit back and think about how to leverage the creative energy they have to improve their work, their environment, and everything else around them. If you’re looking to inspire your team and community, I can’t think of anyone else that could fill her shoes.

Andrew Ngui

Catalyst Innovation Communities and Movements

I wanted to share how delightful it was to meet and work with Monica. It was an honor to have had her as our guest speaker for ACE NextGEN DC. Monica is an exceptional, inspiring, insightful and engaging speaker/educator. The workshop she delivered titled, “Redefining Creativity in Times of Uncertainty”, exceeded our expectations. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback on Monica’s workshop. Her thought-provoking educational material resonated with all of the attendees. We left her presentation energized and excited about implementing her ideas.

Bernadete Mead

Asset Management & Operations, Freddie Mac

“Monica was a keynote speaker at the MRCC 2020 Business Growth Conference. Her unique approach to creativity as a way to push you and your business forward was the perfect complement to our program. She was an inspirational, energetic speaker that kept our attendees fully engaged, while also providing tangible takeaways to apply to their own experience. I would highly recommend her.”

Maureen Huggins

Executive Director, MRCC

While attending the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) conference in Washington, D.C., I had the opportunity to hear and participate in Monica’s workshop. Monica is a talented speaker and her presentation challenged my own views on what it means to be creative and sparked intriguing discussion amongst all delegates at the conference. I am grateful to have had the opportunity and implore anyone in need of a creative boost to look no further than Monica and Innovators box.

David Graff

Junior Program Officer at Canada Border Services Agency

Monica Kang is a very engaging speaker and trainer with an innate ability to connect with diverse audiences! Her expertise has broad appeal. At the 2018 SocialFeen Cafe event, Monica trained 60+ seasoned nonprofit leaders on the importance of having a novel mindset. Very positive feedback was received from attendees and sponsors who have also expressed interest in inviting her to other events/workshops in the future! Thank you Monica!

Jabbar Wesley

Quantitative Government Affairs

I had a chance to see Monica in action during a workshop she facilitated at Facebook. She introduced us to creativity in a refreshing way. We didn’t simply talk about it in the context of art or other commonly associated activities that are described as creative; we talked about how creativity can drive even the way we write reports or manage a project or develop a product. What really appealed to the audience was the practical framing of the inputs to creativity and the way the activities reinforced the learnings, making it accessible and easy to see how creativity sparks innovation and correlates to the workplace.

Corey Ponder

Building more diverse, inclusive, and empathetic communities.

Who is it for?

We work with industries and communities that want to unlock their creative mindset. Here are examples of clients that have engaged us:


We are open to how you want to unlock a creative mindset for you and your community. Here are examples of our most popular topics:

Leading Change by Rethinking Creativity

Unlocking My Creative Mindset for Good

Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion with Creativity

SPARK Powerful & Effective Networking

Types of sessions

 No session is the same. Each session I create and facilitate is highly interactive and customized based on a client’s audience, goals, length of time, and full program intention. For all sessions, I include consultation time with the client prior to the event to understand their goals, audience, and intention in order to create a successful experience.

I have delivered several of the topics as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, panelist, and panel moderator. I have also facilitated multi-day hack-a-thons, leadership boot camps, and retreats.

350+ Clients (And Counting!) Have Hired Monica H. Kang. Here’s Why You Should Have Her At Your Event.

Over the past four years, I have conducted over 250 paid speaking sessions for clients including Bristol-Myers Squibb, PepsiCo, Ericsson, Facebook, Freddie Mac, Charter Communication, Citi Bank, Johns Hopkins University, and NBCUniversal. In addition to working with clients in the United States, I have traveled to South Korea, Tunisia, and Singapore to speak.

Clients hire me because I deliver my content – in person and virtually – in a highly interactive, personalized, and thought-provoking way that is designed to open minds and drive action. Innovation, culture, and empathy are topics that many companies want to tackle but are unsure how to do so in a personal and proactive way. I set up the conversation to make space for every participant to engage and to have fun through the games and personal stories I share.

As a result, my content connects with long-time executives (often baby boomers) and young rising stars (millennials and Gen-Z).

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