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An immersive and thought-provoking experience

Transform your community with 100% engagement.
Move mountains with creativity and innovation. 

InnovatorsBox Founder & CEO, Monica Kang, brings an immersive and thought-provoking experience to audiences ranging from intimate groups to large global conferences through interactive exercises and discussions. Monica’s approach to delivering engaging experiences that push the envelope of traditional talks will leave your audience inspired, empowered, and motivated.

What kind of topics are covered?

We are open to how you want to unlock a creative mindset for you and your community. Here are examples of our most popular topics:

Leading Change by Rethinking Creativity

Unlocking My Creative Mindset for Good

Rethinking Diversity and Inclusion with Creativity

How to SPARK Powerful and Effective Networking

Who is it for?

We work with industries and communities that want to unlock their creative mindset. Here are examples of clients that have engaged us:

Global innovation and leadership conferences

Entrepreneurs and business leaders looking to deepen creative thinking

Company-wide events that inspire company innovation and creativity

Associations bringing their members together to rethink creativity

Women empowerment events that champion female leadership

What is different about our speaking sessions?

We don’t believe we should be the only person doing the talking. We like to create a collaborative and personalized experience that makes a difference. In order to have a lasting impression beyond the talk, we create an engaging experience for your audience through an interactive and thought-provoking session.
We use creative prompts and fun tools during the interactive session in order to strengthen the audience’s critical and creative thinking ability. Your audience will walk away with a deeper understanding of how holistically adopting creativity is important for business and personal growth. They also learn actionable and sustainable methods to reshape their daily routines.

Engagement Format

20 to 90 minutes

30 up to 1000s individuals

An optional InnovatorsBox creativity toolkit can include SPARK cards, ReImagine notebooks, ReImagine Cards, Infinity Cards, Infinity Squared and/or Rethink Creativity.

An inspirational, energetic speaker that kept our attendees fully engaged

Monica was a keynote speaker at the MRCC 2020 Business Growth Conference. Her unique approach on creativity as a way to push you and your business forward was the perfect complement to our program. She was an inspirational, energetic speaker that kept our attendees fully engaged, while also providing tangible take aways to apply to their own experience. I would highly recommend her.

Maureen C. Huggins MRCC

Facilitated an instant connection with her audience

Monica is able to facilitate an instant connection with her audience. She's approachable, kind, but above all else, inspiring. Our students left questioning their own pursuits and how to reveal their inner "creative thought leader."

W. Michael Canter Georgetown University, School of Continuing Studies

Championed innovation initiative and culture

Participants in both sessions were extremely pleased, rating each 5/5 in post-event surveys. Creativity is an important element of any innovation initiative and culture. Monica did a great job championing and teaching this to our attendees.

Jason Williams Centric - Indiana's Innovation Network

When should we reach out?

The sooner the better! We like to spend time preparing and getting to know your organization and your goals to create the best possible workshop. We also tend to be booked a few months out, so the sooner you reach out the more likely we are to accommodate your preferred dates.