"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Our goal is to transform the global workplace and empower all professionals to thrive with creativity no matter where they work, or what they do. This is why, we are proud to serve our clients and community with our talented partners. While our niche is unlocking creativity in the workplace, our partners' diverse expertise in mental health, data analytics, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills are allowing us to create a greater impact together.

We thank our partners for joining us on this mission to globally reskill generations of professionals and to create workplaces where everyone can thrive.

Working Together to Empower the Global Workforce:



Serving Nationally

We designed Culture of Analytics to help companies adapt to a new way of working through technology adoption. With our comprehensive culture development program that focuses on the human component of technology adoption, you’ll have the confidence to make more data-driven and human centric decisions.



Serving in South Korea

We created iPrompt, a series of original innovative reflective question cards for Gideb’s online mental health platform. Gideb is a Korean social venture increasing accessibility to mental health care with AI. Gideb’s app inspires users to reframe their thoughts through the use of positive prompts and wellness training.


complexity weekend

Serving Globally

We provide mentorship and lead facilitation training programs to ignite innovation among facilitators and participants in the Complexity Weekend community of practice.


Woo Woo Company

Serving Globally

We created sound healing music and wellness services together for people to recharge, rest and sleep better to ignite creativity in their lives. Our first sound healing music for better sleep was launched in September 2021 and can be found on any music streaming platform under InnovatorsBox Studios. We also provide wellness services such as mindfulness, meditation, and sound therapy together to help companies, leaders, and teams rethink stress, anxiety, trauma, and people conflict at work. 


Council of Korean Americans

Serving NextGen

We formed IgniteNextGen (ING) Fellowship to empower the next generation of Korean American leaders. The 6-week curated program is designed, facilitated, and curated by Monica H. Kang and InnovatorsBox. The program launched in Summer 2020 is presented in partnership by the Council of Korean Americans (CKA) and the Korean American Coalition – Los Angeles (KACLA)

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