Lead courageously and creatively in the face of uncertainty and routine.

How can you become a better leader?

It is by recognizing that you can never stop learning. To become a wiser, more agile, creative, and resilient leader, you must continue to hone, reflect, assess, and practice. This is why our greatest heroes strive for excellence while keeping themselves grounded in humility. We built these programs to support your journey to better leadership.

Through structure, accountability and strategy you can hone your leadership skills, mindset and toolkit. Today’s workplace needs more humble, creative leaders and we are looking forward to empowering you to find clarity, courage, and resilience to lead gracefully no matter the complexity or adversity you face.

What is creative leadership, and why is it important?

Creative leadership is InnovatorsBox's Leadership framework focused on placing mindset before honing communication, facilitation, and leadership skills. We focus on mindset training to strengthen your agility, creative problem solving, critical thinking, entrepreneurial thinking, and patience as a leader who gracefully leads your team in times of change and routine.

As a result, creative leaders are more comfortable with uncertainty, faster problem solvers with limited information, and see opportunities when others see challenges.

Leaders who undergo our programs are centered on strengthening:

Creativity and Curiosity

Self Compassion

Increased Self Awareness

Ability to Focus better

Improved Mental Agility

Through our programs you will learn key skills including:

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Art of Questioning

  • Critical Thinking

  • Analytics

  • Creative Thinking

  • Empathy

  • Curiosity

  • Patience

  • Optimistic Thinking

  • Open Mindset

  • Creative Resilience

  • Calculated Risk Assessment

  • Agility

  • Thoughtful Communication

  • Servant Leadership

To change the way we work, we have to change how we think and feel. We’re excited to help you shape your culture and leadership development by rethinking how you invest in your talent and how you cultivate a culture of innovation.

Programs can span from 3-24 months and can be created for one department, an entire organization, or anything in-between. See our different service options to learn more.


Master your skills to become a courageous leader who sees possibilities in the face of uncertainty and navigates complex workplace problems with ease and compassion. Join our in-depth program that consists of workshops, leadership coaching, strategy consulting, and accountability programs.


To help you move mountains, we will be your accountability partner and pacemaker. As your leadership and executive coach we will hold safe space for you to reflect, challenge you to dive deeper, and encourage you to see how creative solutions are always possible. See how our individual or company-wide programming can support your journey.


Activate your creative leadership mindset by having us as your Keynote Speaker at your next event. Through our interactive “learning by doing” approach, our Founder Monica Kang will show you how to unlock and consistently activate your limitless creative mindset.


Strengthen your awareness and understanding of how your people think differently in order to lead them more effectively. Subscribe to our podcasts focused on the workplace to become a more compassionate and courageous leader.

Rethink Creativity

Activate your team’s creative leadership mindset at your next team meeting. Through our interactive workshops, your leadership team will reflect, rethink, and learn how to reframe challenges into courageous opportunities, and will be empowered to become more unified and lead together. In addition to our proprietary programs, DISC-based leadership workshop training is also available.


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