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How to facilitate and run better meetings

To facilitate better meetings, we need to hone our active listening, facilitation, and information organization skills. Whether we are leading the meetings or facilitating it as an active participant there are key opportunities to make every meeting an opportunity to deeply connect instead of feeling bored.

Here are five steps we recommend starting with.

How to build a more inclusive culture

To build a more inclusive culture, co-creation must happen throughout the organization not top-down. Whether you are the leader or an employee you have the power to influence, shape, and contribute to how an organization is developed.

Here are a few steps we recommend starting with.





Cup of Perspective is the collection of the essays that I release bi-weekly to my more than 2,000 members of the InnovatorsBox digital community. I’ve compiled my top essays into two volumes in celebration of our 100th InnovatorsBox newsletter which was published in May 2019.

It is my way to say thank you for your support over the past three years. I hope reading this collection will remind you of, and help you reconnect with your creativity. And I hope my writing will encourage you to share your honest insights with the world.

VOL 1: June 2019

VOL 2: October 2019