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An immersive and thought-provoking experience

Stop unproductive meetings.
Repeat effective and inclusive meetings where creativity is welcomed.

InnovatorsBox facilitates large and small groups within organizations. Our facilitation helps organizations approach creative thinking in new ways, and leaves the participants energized, inspired, and motivated.

What types of sessions?

Whether it is a quarterly, annual, or a one-time meeting, we work with teams wanting a different approach to produce effective results.

Annual and Quarterly Retreats

Annual Strategic Reviews and Planning Sessions

Brainstorming Sessions

Ideation Sessions on Critical Business Challenges

Hackathons and Innovation Slams (Themes focusing on diversity, environment, sustainability, or international affairs)

What is unique?

Thorough program development and consultation planning to help clients experience a powerful and thoughtful meeting time together.

100% interactive and led by InnovatorsBox trained staff

Thoughtful inclusive approaches for all participants to engage and reflect

Usage of creative prompts and activities to guide a thoughtful conversation

Guidance on actionable steps and commitments participants can make

In-depth consultation call after the engagement to provide detailed analysis, insights, gaps, and opportunities to meet business goals.

A fantastic way to accelerate the learning

Monica served as Lead Facilitator for our Innovation Slam Competition at the 2018 YSEALI Summit in Singapore. It was a fantastic way to accelerate the learning of young change-makers and the development of collaborative social enterprises across ASEAN.

Davey M. Kim Asia Foundation

The session transformed the room

Monica and her team transformed the room. The Spark cards enabled our members to delve deeply into themselves - from values and priorities to life milestones - and understand better their needs and contributions to our community.

Courtney Walsh Harvard W3D

Thoughtful, engaging, highly enthusiastic and a creativity genius

There are very few people that I recommend with all of my heart when it comes to engaging an audience and speaking about creativity other than Monica. Monica Kang is brilliant, creative, and a visionary

Theresa Miu Fire Dash Media

When should we reach out?

The sooner the better! We like to spend time preparing and getting to know your organization and your goals to create the best possible workshop. We also tend to be booked a few months out, so the sooner you reach out the more likely we are to accommodate your preferred dates.

Engagement Format

90-minute to 4-day program

100s individuals/session.

An optional InnovatorsBox creativity toolkit can include SPARK cards, ReImagine notebooks, ReImagine Cards, Infinity Cards, Infinity Squared and/or Rethink Creativity.