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Your people have to:
“If you build it, they will come.”
Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case when it comes to tech adoption.

In order to upgrade to a new technology platform, and be successful, adapting to a new way of working together is essential. Your team must embrace the new technology, understand why data analytics, is important, and believe that it’s a team undertaking.

How can you build a culture that empowers your people to adapt together?

Culture of Analytics

Culture of Analytics, designed by InnovatorsBox and Proximo, is a comprehensive culture development program. The program focuses on the human component of technology adoption. When teams have the confidence and skills they need to make more data-driven and human-centric decisions, they transform the way they think, work, and make decisions.

When an organization builds a Culture of Analytics, the following happens:


Enthusiastic adoption of new technology that streamlines and simplifies tasks — consistently delivering value to you.


Successful, long-term user adoption of new technology helps your organization achieve “big picture” goals.


A culture of curiosity (over fear) that drives the daily use of data — making the culture shift strong and sustainable.

Culture of Analytics consists of workshops, leadership coaching, strategy consulting, and accountability programs and is built on our tested formula:

Culture of Analytics offers three different levels, designed to match your organization’s unique goals and challenges. Download the Culture of Analytics one-pager to learn more.

Culture of Analytics is designed by two teams of experts - Proximo and InnovatorsBox®- who understand that adapting to a new way of working with data takes time, intentionality, and clear communication.

Proximo, founded by David Ricciardi, is an information service company specializing in Big Data to help you with data strategy and governance, data warehousing, data integration, and data analytics.
We work with both your internal and third-party data to provide actionable Intelligent Information while easing your burden in delivery.
InnovatorsBox, founded by Monica H. Kang,  uses creativity to drive culture transformation and team development in a way that is fun and relatable. Our research-based and interactive programs empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to unlock their creative mindset, adapt to change, and thrive in today’s complex workplaces.
Curious to learn how building a culture of analytics can impact your organization?