Taking a human-focused lens to your business

People, people, people.

Who are you innovating for?

No matter where you work, you all work with people, create something for people, and buy something made by people. We all play a role in this cycle. But how can we shift our key business elements such as marketing, tech adoption, training, or sales to be more human and curious minded?

Being able to harness a new way of working together as a team has been hard because businesses have to hire multiple experts to solve one pain point at a time. InnovatorsBox realized that while human development in the workplace is what clients want, they also needed more expertise in data analytics, technology adoption, and marketing analytics. So we decided to take an extra step to reduce one step for you.

Welcome to our Creative Collaborative Programs where we partner with other top business specialties to solve your biggest challenges and push you to innovate.

Culture of Analytics

Culture of Analytics is a comprehensive culture program with Proximo focused on the human component of technology adoption. 

Adapt to Grow

Adapt to Grow is a comprehensive data-driven marketing program with Focus USA to rethink the customer purchase journey with data and empathy.


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