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InnovatorsBox coaches provide 1:1 executive coaching and group coaching for executives, leaders, and young professionals across the globe. We help our clients rethink how to problem solve, empower their team, push the limits of innovation, and attain their professional goals.

Is our Coaching Program Right For You?

We look forward to working with you as you move mountains. Like you, we are not afraid to dive a layer deeper to understand the root of the problem, to hold space to reflect, and to keep you accountable on your journey ahead.
Monica Kang conducts 1:1 coaching with:

C-suite executives


Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs

InnovatorsBox coaches provide 1:1 and group coaching with:

C-suite executives


Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs

Young professionals

Professionals in transitions


Being a great leader is a long term investment and a journey.
You have to be flexible, thoughtful, focused, calm, courageous, and wise. How can you be bold and courageous and embrace change? The good news is we can all become better leaders if we consistently put in the hard work.
The question is what can leaders do to hold themselves accountable for their actions and be wiser? We’re excited that these are the very questions you are asking and wanting to work with us as you lead your team and company.
I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to see what mountains you will move as a result of the progress we make together.

Meet Our Coaches

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Monica Kang

Washington, DC

C-suite, Directors/Managers, Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs

Jennifer Hart

Washington, DC

Directors, Managers, Professionals in transition


Julie Smith

London, UK

Individuals who are driven to succeed

Kasia Gurgul

Vancouver, Canada

Executives, Directors, Managers


KarFei Cheah

KLM, Malaysia

Young professionals and students