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InnovatorsBox coaches provide 1:1 executive coaching and group coaching for executives, leaders, and young professionals across the globe. We help you rethink how to problem solve, empower your team, push the limits of innovation, and attain your professional goals.

Coaching Sessions with InnovatorsBox® helped me

Gain Clarity - 90.9% 90.9%
Take Action - 82% 82%
Be Creative - 83% 83%
Gain Courage and Confidence - 81% 81%

Is Our Coaching Program Right For You?

Whether you want an individual coaching program for yourself or a company coaching program for your 1000s of employees, we can help. Like you, we are not afraid to dive deeper to understand the root of problems and undergo real transformation. To help you move mountains and continue your quest for creative leadership, we will be your coach. We will keep you accountable and hold space for you to reflect as a leader and a person.

We offer programs in Korean too. Read here.

Monica H. Kang conducts 1:1 coaching with:

InnovatorsBox coaches provide 1:1 and group coaching with:
Being a great leader is a long term investment and a journey. You have to be flexible, thoughtful, focused, calm, courageous, and wise. How can you be bold and courageous and embrace change? The good news is we can all become better leaders if we consistently put in the hard work. The question is what can leaders do to hold themselves accountable for their actions and be wiser? We’re excited that these are the very questions you are asking and wanting to work with us as you lead your team and company. I look forward to working with you and can’t wait to see what mountains you will move as a result of the progress we make together.

Meet Our Coaches

We are from six countries (U.S.A, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Australia, and South Korea) with an average of 7-10+ years of experience coaching executives, managers, and entrepreneurs in all industries globally.

What they say about us...

How have the coaching sessions encouraged you to make changes and/or take action in your life? Why are these changes/insights important to you?

How has your coach helped you accomplish these changes and your goals?

Glad you enjoyed it! What did you enjoy the most and why? What was most helpful for you?

Most Popular Services

Coaching for Individuals

For executives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and career-changing innovators.

From global leadership to communication skills, we offer 1:1 coaching to help you find clarity, confidence & creativity. Whether you’re looking for a few sessions or 12mth+ journeys, we’re here to help you.

Coaching for Organizations

For organizations who want equitable inclusive coaching for all.

Whether it’s five to 500+ individuals if you’re looking to provide coaching services across the organization, we can help you. From coaching to operation and in different languages, we got you.


For everyone who wants to hone and better their coaching skills.

From coaching minded workshop series or leadership training, we can help you with train-the-trainer programming in coaching. From one workshop to being an ICF certified coach, we can help you.

Let us support your goals!

We look forward to learning more about your organization.