We are excited to reacquaint you with some of our old friends.
Friends we may have taken for granted.
Friends we may have thought were frivolous.
Friends whose voices we gradually silenced.

Maybe it’s because life grew busy.
Maybe it’s because we thought serious adults have no time aside for play and creativity.
Now, we recognize how shortsighted we were.

From culture, leadership, and team development to just living our full potential,
Nothing is possible without them.
Everything is possible with them.

The journey begins with reaching out to find our friends.
Asking, “Where are you?” and “Where was the last place we met?”
And trusting they will be there to bring color back into our lives.
And expand our positive impact and influence.

Let’s paint possibilities together.

Meet some of the companions on our journey to unlock creativity for all!

We all have an innate abundance of curiosity, courage and creativity which never goes away; instead, we lose touch and fall out of practice. It’s like having old friends we haven’t connected with in awhile.

This is why InnovatorsBox has created a creativity cast of characters to help you reconnect with your true self, unleash your imagination, and paint more possibilities each day into your life.

Whether you are seeking inspiration for your professional journey (leadership, team development, or organizational culture) — or your personal one — we hope that these characters remind you that everything is always within reach.

Curiosity “Q”

Meet Curiosity "Q"

Brown monkey
Pronouns: he/him
Favorite Food: Banana, Walnut

Meet Q, the curious monkey who is full of questions. He sees endless possibilities.

Don’t tell him what he can and cannot do. Ask “Why?” and his response will nearly always be “Why not?” He is eager to learn and explore and is convinced there is always a new or different way to try. Growing up in the jungles of uncertainty taught him to find new paths by asking lots of questions — even the “obvious” ones. Telling him that something is impossible will make him even more committed to trying – this is how he learned how to fly through the clouds in Skyland. Some of his friends say he asks too many questions and wastes time dreaming. He begs to differ. He wonders why only some humans eat banana walnut muffins for breakfast.

Courage “O”

Meet Courage "O"

Navy blue owl
Pronouns: she/her or they/them
Favorite Food: Breakfast and desserts

Meet O, who is brave and wise. She listens and wonders.

She is always looking to go the extra mile out of her comfort zone, trusting that courage will always help her see and learn something new. When she first moved to the city, she noticed how all the birds looked different. And when they told her that city birds don’t fly — she actually forgot how to do what was most natural to her! Telling her that fear is holding her back is like a wake-up call – and with the help of her friends, she relearned how to fly. Her friends ask if she is ever afraid of failing, to which she replies that the courage to try is something you can never fail at. She wholeheartedly believes that stepping out of your comfort zone (though scary at times!) is how one grows. She is a night owl who loves breakfast. Her latest mission was flying to Mars to get dessert and enjoy the best view of the Earth.

Creativity “M”

Meet Creativity "M"

White rabbit
Pronouns: she/her
Favorite food: Space Cafe’s milk tea

Meet M, the creative rabbit who brings out the color out of everyone. She is playful and energetic.

Meet M, the creative rabbit who brings out the color out of everyone. She is playful and energetic. She is constantly finding new possibilities when others feel stuck. And she understands how you feel. She grew up in the countryside, where most people followed the expected paths in life and work. M’s desire to do something different was frowned upon. “Why not accept how things are?” others would say. It wasn’t easy, but she decided to hit the road on a quest for the truth. The journey taught her many things — especially that seeing new possibilities begins with a choice. While starting with a blank slate may feel like a waste of time to some, she understands that a new canvas can be the best way to transform anything into everything. She loves to travel with friends old and new. Her true gift is storytelling — even when telling you about all of her adventures, she will be listening attentively to you the whole time. Her friends are sometimes frustrated that she leaves them with more questions than answers — but they almost always see the gift in the end. Nothing is impossible, she says, when you believe you can. Ask her about the milk tea she had at the Space Cafe.


We hope you enjoy this brief introduction to our friends at InnovatorsBox on the journey to unlock creativity for all!

Explore more and share this journey with children and your own inner child in Have You Seen My Friends?, the first book in our Adventures of Creativity series by Monica H. Kang, now available online or in any store. You’ll also enjoy Rethink Creativity!

Remember that curiosity, courage, and creativity are always within our reach, even when they seem far away. And that we are here to help.

InnovatorsBox is a global culture and leadership firm on the mission to unlock creativity for all. We developed our characters to make creativity learning accessible and fun. We invite you to take a moment to explore our services, products, and content all designed to remind you that your three friends are closer than you may realize.