Facilitating Creativity at a Major International Organization


The Organization

A major international organization with staff of over 2,500 around the world. Please note that the organization’s identity is withheld to uphold the non-disclosure agreement.


Facilitation with Creativity


A Major International Organization

In addition to these benefits, the staff learned the importance of emotional intelligence and creative thinking in their roles through the Mindful Play Workshop. The workshop helped the staff collaborate, network, learn about their colleagues, and move beyond their siloed work routines. It also helped them understand how they can serve their students better. 

The introductory workshop helped the students learn the importance of networking and problem-solving in career development, and understand how it can help them navigate their career pursuits in a creative way. Overall, the workshops helped the participants gain an understanding on how they can be creative on their own, and in various environments and settings. As a result, the participants felt more empowered to take action in their professions, self-aware, confident, and excited about being creative.

Why They Loved It