Case Studies

Case Study

Creative Confidence at Johns Hopkins University

Over the past two years, InnovatorsBox® has conducted and continues to conduct several workshops with staff and students across different divisions at Johns Hopkins University to address their various challenges.

Case Study

Mindful Play at a Fortune 500 Company in Financial Services Industry

In December 2016, InnovatorsBox┬«┬áconducted a full day Mindful Play workshop for a team of eight customized to address the clientÔÇÖs specific needs. The Mindful Play workshop focused on the specific challenge statement of how to be more creative and collaborative as a team and participants explored answers through interactive activities and exercises.

Case Study

Creative Culture Building at a Fortune 500 Company in Telecommunications

Starting in January 2018, InnovatorsBox® customized a year-long engagement focused on creating transformational culture change. The engagement includes a pre-survey, introductory session, three workshops, conclusion session, and a post-survey for accountability and feedback.

Case Study

Facilitating Creativity at a Major International Organization

In November 2017, InnovatorsBox® facilitated a 90 minute meeting with the departmental leadership team of approximately 12-15 people on creative culture development. We created an open and honest environment for the team to explore how they felt about a creative culture and how they can tackle building one of their own.