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To follow COVID-19 guidelines we will be offering all services virtually for the unforeseeable future. Your creative mindset has never been more critical as we navigate constant change and uncertainty in the workplace. We’re here to help you. Strengthen your creative mindset so you can take hold of the abundance of possibilities that still exist.

Let’s work together.

The numbers don’t lie.

Creativity is essential in today’s workplace.

But so many individuals and organizations still fail to tap into their creative potential.

of professionals worldwide feel stuck at work.

- Gallup

of people do not feel comfortable taking risk at work.

- Gallup

of respondents link creativity as key to economic growth.

- Adobe

(of 1500) CEOs say creativity is most important quality.


Change needs to start now.

Companies, stop letting your people, your greatest asset, suffer from stagnation and job dissatisfaction. These feelings lead to disengaged employees, a lack of innovation, and a culture that struggles in the face of change. Every organization and individual has the potential to be creative—think back to when you were a child—but change does not happen overnight.

We possess the proven strategies to help you unlock and sustain your innate creative potential.

Our Programs

An inspirational, energetic speaker that kept our attendees fully engaged

Monica was a keynote speaker at the MRCC 2020 Business Growth Conference. Her unique approach on creativity as a way to push you and your business forward was the perfect complement to our program. She was an inspirational, energetic speaker that kept our attendees fully engaged, while also providing tangible take aways to apply to their own experience. I would highly recommend her.

Maureen C. Huggins MRCC

Inspired the creatively tentative participants to experiment

InnovatorsBox helps provide a framework through which anyone can connect with creativity. Monica inspired participants who were creatively tentative to experiment and see problem-solving as an opportunity to embrace creativity.

Vicky Schneider Associate Director, Affinity Programs

So many thought-provoking questions the group can use

Monica and her team came to our event well-prepared and organized. Her presentation posed several thought-provoking questions that the group can use to improve their everyday lives. It was a pleasure working with them!

Charu Krishnan U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Witnessed a level of interest that was not previously seen

Monica was a great speaker who engaged the entire room, at their various levels of experience and professional positions. I witnessed a level of interest that was not previously seen in that audience. Her empathy skills make her an asset to any organization

Susan Tenby 2017 Public Good App House Festival

Set the forward-thinking, fun and challenging tone for the conference

As the Opening Keynote speaker for the Power Conference, Monica Kang brought her A game. She delivered an outstanding keynote on Creativity that set the forward-thinking, fun and challenging tone for the rest of the conference.

Nancy P. Regelin The Power Conference

Highly interactive experience that I encourage any group

I took away practical knowledge that went beyond simply saying “creativity is great”. This workshop showed me that anyone can find a space for creativity in their daily routine. It’s a highly interactive experience that I encourage any group to explore.

IB _Client Logos | Facebook
Corey Ponder Facebook

Made every minute of 24-hour event count

GW was fortunate to have Monica lead the facilitation for the 2017 DC Climathon. She brought a fresh perspective and energy, helped a room full of innovators share their ideas, form teams, pitch solutions, and made every minute of the event count.

IB _Client Logos | GWU Climathon
Meghan Chapple George Washington University

We all felt like better employees after the workshop ended.

The creative workshop enlightened our understanding and ability to be creative in the workplace. The workshop was a reminder as well as a practice of how we can be imaginative and innovative in many different aspects of life.

Amanda Gossman Consultant, IBM

Monica has introduced a new way of working

Through the workshops, we got to explore what creativity means in a business and how to apply new thinking to tired problems - a practice essential in bringing change and embracing creativity as a fundamental discipline for innovation.

IB _Client Logos | Booz Allen Hamilton
Kristen Dalton Booz Allen Hamilton

Creating Transformative Change

Creativity is not restricted to a particular industry. We work with support staff to senior leadership to empower companies through creativity to create new solutions to existing challenges:

Critical Transitions

Strengthen your team during major shifts.

Culture Development

Attract talent and stay relevant.


Increase employee engagement with creativity.


Cultivate a high-performing team that delivers results.


Build better relationships.

Our Difference

InnovatorsBox unlocks your own innate creative mindset and helps workplaces harness the power of creativity. We directly impact results and the performance of your team by helping you implement long-lasting creative practices. Our methods and tools are not a quick fix. Instead they effectively build habits over time for greater impact and sustainable innovation in the workplace.