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You get what you put in

You don’t need to be a math wizard to understand this. You exercise and eat well because it will get you good health. You work hard and contribute to your team to succeed within your organization. Your output is directly related to your input. Yet, we seem to forget this when it comes to long-term and intangible values like innovation, culture, and even love.

We expect things to be immediate and perfect so when there seems to be a glitch of error or an extra effort is needed to meet that goal we often want to ditch it. But the fundamental equation remains the same. The more you practice creative thinking and give time to build a creative mindset the more creative and more thoughtful leader you can be.

The more time you dedicate working on improving your relationship and self-care the better relationships you will have. As we start a new week and new month, I challenge you to be honest to yourself. Find an area that you were expecting fast results without putting in the effort and ask yourself how you can put more effort to get the result you want. See how marvelous the result can be when you put in the true effort.

with love, Monica Kang

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