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If I asked you this question, do you have an answer for everything you do? With the rise of purposeful living and workforce, I started wondering how one can truly understand what purpose is and how to make sense of it. For instance, while purpose is something that makes you feel enriched, happy and challenged, haven’t you noticed how the “what” and “how” has evolved over the years? What brought you the greatest joy 10 years ago is not the same as today, nor will it be tomorrow.

So while I may know why I am doing something today, that can all change tomorrow. How do you know which ‘whys’ will change, versus not? It makes me ask more questions as I wonder how much of my ‘why’ is formed based on my past knowledge… which will not be as much as what I will know in the future. And it makes me wonder, what more could we ever do only if our ‘why’ was different?

What would you do differently if your why was bigger and deeper than what you say today? Will you still be doing what you are doing the way you do?

Keep asking those questions. You’ll find some new territories.


with love,

Monica Kang

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