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No matter what you do or say, it is unlikely that everyone will side with you. Someone is going to adore that movie you thought was awful. Someone is likely to disagree on the new project idea you and your team thought was the most brilliant solution to this crisis. And sometimes someone may disagree with you because your opinions might be wrong.

At first, this realization can sound harsh but on second thought, it can be liberating.

Whether one is a student or a professional, many of us choose to speak up or raise our new ideas in fear of being incorrect and criticized. That fear can be daunting as it is not as gratifying when we are being recognized and appreciated.

However, if we know that there are bound to be at least different perspectives in the room, why don’t we give it a try at least to know what is even possible? When we choose not to speak up or try sharing, we will not know what is possible.

So this week, I’m trying a different approach as an optimist. Instead of simply thinking that there is always someone who will support me in this room, I am also going to anticipate that someone may not agree and will find a way to get his or her perspective to find a middle ground because it is natural for us to have different opinions. Instead of feeling defeated, if I look at it with curiosity and understanding, perhaps we can find a better solution together.

In the end, aren’t we all hoping to find a better solution to challenges, right?

How might you work with people with different opinions?


With Love,

Monica Kang

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