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#Seoul Reflection

Thank you Chosun Ilbo for inviting us to be a part of the 9th Asian Leadership Conference in Seoul last week! I am honored to have shared our vision to build a creative global workforce at the most prestigious international conference in Korea. Thanks to this opportunity, I even got to connect with the U.S Embassy Seoul’s American Center Korea to speak with a group of college students as a guest speaker about my entrepreneurship journey.

I am humbled and reenergized.

Participants’ questions during the sessions reminded me how hungry everyone is for good talent, good culture and a space to grow without being rejected. Many intend to do good work. Many intend to be better managers. Most, however, struggle to understand how to be creative or encourage others to be creative. That mix of intention and result is frustrating and exhausting most people.

But following the same old approach will not bring out the best creative talents of our people. From the creative leadership panel to our workshops, I am reminded how desperately we are in need of more creative talents and in every sector. As we increasingly integrate more technology into every part of our lives, we need more individuals who are asking more questions, connecting new dots, and seeking diverse experiences.

This world will not change overnight, nor will it be changed by one person. But every moment can help create a ripple effect to make a real difference. I look forward to contributing the best way I can to make tomorrow a better place than where we are today.

What will you do today to make a difference tomorrow?



With Love,

Monica Kang

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