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Impact Report 2018
Trust was the key theme that emerged in our 70+ engagements and 28 trips in 2018. Growing a creative culture and team is possible when trust is built. In our second report, we reflect with gratitude on the journey we took with our clients and customers but also the trends we found in the past three years.
Here is to more courageous creativity.
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In 2016, we had an idea to thank our community for helping us celebrate diversity of creativity. We wanted to share REAL stories that show how creativity is for everyone. InnovStory was borne, and since then we have celebrated the stories of over 70 individuals practicing and defining creativity in their own unique ways.
This year, we’re taking InnovStory to the next level. We’re featuring individuals from around the world, in different careers and backgrounds, to share their creativity stories in a fun, rapid-fire, Q&A video series. These questions aren’t what you think … and their answers are bound to surprise you! Follow along the stories starting this week. #InnovStory

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