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Excited to announce a very special project that has been in the works! Meet Infinity, your creative problem solver.

Instead of telling you all the ways you can use Infinity to ask deeper questions and answer in new ways, we’re going to show you. We’ll be following 7 people as they use their Infinity Cards and Infinity Squared in their own unique ways – to tackle a work challenge, motivate their project team, and contemplate professional and personal goals. We’re excited to share their stories, so follow along as we unravel their adventures in decision-making.

You got the promotion you’ve always wanted, but you’ll be managing a virtual team for the first time. How should you go about managing them effectively?

You‘re ready to make the next career move, but how do you pitch a compelling story to the hiring manager?

Using the Infinity Cards and Infinity Squared, brainstorming a game plan with a friend will help you be confident about your next move.

When tackling challenges and making decisions every day, it’s easy to get into a creative rut. The Infinity series is here to push you to ask deeper questions and answer in new ways.

Want to problem solve with friends? See how you can use it with Infinity Cards and Infinity Squared over coffee with your friends.

Everyone can decide to break out the cards and dice to dive into deep, bold, and creative conversations. Push out of your comfort zone – there may have been drawing, dancing, and laughs involved along the way!
You’ll leave reinvigorated and inspired to use the Infinity Series to solve their own unique challenges – personal and professional. Follow along as we trace the adventures of each of the friends.

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