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Since entrepreneurship, I started noticing how some of our daily expressions may influence the way we subconsciously think about our work and daily routines.

A: “How are things?”
B: “Oh, same old, nothing much.”

“Thank God, it’s Friday!”

“I’m sorry that it’s Monday.”

Sadly, all of these expressions are based on the assumption that we (a) all do similar work each day, and (b) don’t enjoy our work and want out. While some truly feel this way, others may be saying this out of habit. Whatever the case may be, we ask that you STOP this.  What we say influences how we feel, and that, in turn, impacts how we do our work. Even if you do feel a bit stuck, it’s quite powerful how your momentum changes when you force yourself to think positively and smile and say to yourself that you’ll have a great day!

The result isn’t magical or dramatic, but you will certainly see how each word you say can shape how you go through your day.

with love, Monica Kang

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