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Dear Innovators,

Happy Spring!

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you. Hope all is well.

Where to start!

So much has happened since InnovatorsBox LLC opened its business in January 2016 an none of this would be possible without your love, feedback, and support. Thank you so much!

To highlight, we have:

And this is only the beginning!

We are growing, learning, and experimenting to build a community and programs which will empower you by tapping into your creativity daily.

In the process, we noticed some key insights:

  • Creativity is truly a mind muscle. The more you practice the better you will become at it. Even if it’s a short time frame, it’s important to make time for creativity routinely and frequently. The frequency and the routine will help your mind get used to thinking creatively and in a different way. Try blocking at least 5 minutes a day to experiment.


  • Constraints are good challenges. In fact, many creative doers actively set up time or physical constraints to let their imagination go wild and flow faster. Give it a try. Limit the time you can use to solve a problem or the transportation you can take to get to your office. Pick a constraint and see how that impacts your ideation process. Afterwards, think about how that constraint effected your ability to think creatively.


  • Pause. Finding time to reflect, to be still, and to rest is crucial. Our best ideas don’t occur when we are running around because our brain is wired to execute. As the neurons in our brain relax with stillness, we permit ourselves to explore random connections as a possibility and, thus allow our brain to be more acceptable to creative thoughts.

The next few months will be even better – for you and for InnovatorsBox.

Thank you for your continuing support! Look forward to sharing more updates soon.

Have a great week!

Be Creative,

Monica Kang, Founder & CEO of InnovatorsBox

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