InnovatorsBox’s series of real-talk conversations focused on
rethinking the career journey.
In each session, we talk with innovators who have pushed “Beyond the Box” of traditional career paths—and societal expectations.
Through our authentic conversations, we come together as a community of innovators, and aspiring innovators, to learn, reflect, and celebrate non-traditional paths. And we come to realize that we, too, can pave our own career paths in a meaningful, and aligned, way.

Past Events

Each Beyond the Box session consists of a panel discussion with members of the InnovatorsBox community and facilitated conversations with all participants.

Courageous Black Innovators

In celebration of Black History Month, we are honored  to highlight Black Innovators who have achieved  “Beyond the Box.” Join us to hear their stories of success and how they are paving the way for the next generation of Black Innovators.

  • Corey Ponder (Moderator)
  • Deshuna Spencer 
  • Terri Broussard Williams
  • Derrin Slack

Strong Female Innovators

In celebration of Women History Month, we are thrilled to highlight Women Innovators who have broken the glass ceiling and the boundaries of the “Box.” Join us to learn from their triumphs, gain insight from their candid advice, and draw inspiration from their lessons learned. 

  • Monica Kang (Moderator)
  • Meg Ugenti
  • Eliza Martin 
  • Jessica Childress

Creative Asian Innovators

In celebration of AAPI Month, we are humbled to highlight Asian American Innovators who are using creativity to move “Beyond the Box.” Join us to learn how they have reconnected with their creativity and are disrupting traditional industries and roles.

  • Jennifer Hart (Moderator)
  • Avani Parekh
  • Emiko Soltis
  • Ian So

Resilient LGBTQ+ Innovators

In celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month, we are excited to highlight LGBTQ+ Innovators who have advocated “Beyond the Box.” Join us to learn how they are changing workplaces and industries, and how they are continuing to pave the way for others.

  • Jenn Grace 
  • David Ricciardi
  • Zaylore Stout
  • Gwen Migita