customer journey

Powered by InnovatorsBox® and Focus USA
Your people have to:
How do you find the right customers, fast?

This is a constant challenge all businesses face. Why?

Because the way we market and build customer relationships constantly changes. Consumers want speed, ease, security, personalization, and quality while businesses face increasing pressure to keep up with more diverse and demanding audiences. How can you meet, and exceed, these constantly changing expectations?

Adapt to Grow

Adapt to Grow, designed by InnovatorsBox® and Focus USA, is a comprehensive, data-driven marketing and strategic customer-building program. Designed to guide businesses to rethink customer engagement, our clients find clarity in the purchase and experience the right kind of business growth.

As a result of Adapt to Grow, your organization will:


Make smarter, data-driven consumer decisions by translating data analytics into actionable insights and strategies,


Gain clarity into who your customer is, what they want, and why they do business with you,


Build an internal culture of innovation (over fear) that results in strong, and strategic, business development strategies

Adapt to Grow consists of workshops, leadership coaching, strategy consulting, and team-building exercises all focused on our business development and marketing expertise. Adapt to Grow is powered by our proven formula:

Adapt to Grow offers three different levels, designed to match your businessÔÇÖ specific goals, opportunities, and challenges.

Adapt To Grow has been designed by two teams of experts - Focus USA and InnovatorsBox® - who understand that being proactive and strategic when it comes to authentic business development requires intentional curiosity, sincere empathy, and clear internal and external communication.

Focus USA is a database and analytics marketing agency that specializes in digital and direct marketing services.
They use precision-targeted data to identify your ideal target audience and reach them with direct mail, third-party email marketing, and digital marketing tactics.
InnovatorsBox, founded by Monica H. Kang,┬á uses creativity to drive culture transformation and team development in a way that is fun and relatable. Our research-based and interactive programs empower professionals, entrepreneurs, and community leaders to unlock their creative mindset, adapt to change, and thrive in todayÔÇÖs complex workplaces.

Curious to learn how building Adapt to Grow can impact your organization?